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Types of Deli Meat

Types of Deli Meat

There are many deli meats available for you to choose from. They each have unique tastes and you are bound to find one or two of them as your favourites. Here is some information on some of the most popular deli meats.

Chorizo is a Spanish pork deli meat that has black pepper, garlic and smoked paprika added to it. It can be eaten raw but most people prefer it cooked.

Pancetta is pork belly that has been cured for three months and is preserved with salt and spices. It is normally described as the Italian version of bacon. A healthier version of pancetta is prosciutto. It has less fat and is made from the leg of pork. It is left to age in a cold climate for anything between 9 months to three years. You can get shavings or slices of prosciutto at the cold meats section of the store.

Ham is a very popular deli meat that is made from pork leg. The traditional way for it to be preserved for long periods of time, is to usually rub it with salt then smoking it before allowing it to slow dry in the air. The modern method is wet curing it with a salt and sugar based solution. It is a healthier option that uses less salt but it does not last as long.

Chicken roll is a great alternative to normal chicken pieces. It is made from chicken and spices that have been baked. You can get slices of it from the cold meats section of the grocery store.

Salami is a very versatile sausage that is enjoyed all over the world. It is made of meats such as veal, pork and beef that have been mixed with various spices and salt. It has a complex method of being made that involves different stages of drying, salting and smoking.

These are just a few of the deli meats you could get from the cold meats section of the store.